My Two Favourite Words in Marketing

It's simple really, the two words that marketers needs to learn are Disruption and Engagement.

And they go together perfectly, you disrupt a market by engaging with your customers, in new and innovating ways (for your market). The ways you actually innovate are probably not new, in fact other markets have been doing it this for years, it's just that your market isn't doing it. Because it is stuck in the past without either the vision or the hipsters in plac,e to make it happen.

I would love to say I'm a young cool hipster type, I'm not in fact the young col hipster types are doing young cool hipster type things, the real business is done by middle aged marketers who wish they were young hipster types bad just steal their cool ideas and pass it off as their ideas and in the process making people thing they are hipsters, instead do good marketeers.

So disruption and engagement, how do you do it? It's simple go and look at the new startups that are appearing on Kickstarter and Indigogo looks how they are positioning their products and services, and copy the implementation, how they are engaging with their potential audiences, it's not just with a cool new innovative products, but the way they approach the market.

Then, how they keep in touch with their market via social networks. The MD who is not on social media, is out of touch, the excuses that they are, to busy, don't want people to know what they are doing and for many who just don't get it, time to retire.